Whole Foods.

Hi Friends! So I know this blog is really for personal updates about the boys and our family.

But this is related to our family, so I'm going with it.

We've been trying to do more whole foods and healthy choices lately. In many ways, we are still struggling with that. We've always been too prone to eating out, and neither Mark nor I love to cook. But we've been making some small changes, in the hopes that over time we will actually establish lifetime habits that are healthier.

Which brings me to this post. I have become interested in healthy fats while on this whole foods journey, and we are dabbling in using coconut oil in several ways (Mark tried it on his eczema, I tried cooking with it more often). Anyway, there's a giveaway at Real Food, Whole Health. They are giving away a whole gallon of coconut ghee. So check out their Coconut Ghee Giveaway and read some of their other information on whole foods. Because if you are like my family, it's time to make a food change and get healthy in 2011!

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