Snowshoes, Pirates, and Silliness.

Hi there,
Well our camera is kaput. Luckily, often when we would take pictures there is usually another person also taking pictures. That person is my dad for our side of the family, and my sister-in-law for Mark's side of the family.

So recently my dad loaded a bunch of pictures of the boys onto my computer. So here are some favorites, and a brief update of the boys.

Noah is still hooked on being a pirate, and will squint his eye and say "Argh! Aigh!" whenever he can. I have NO idea why he says Aigh...but it's cute.

Noah also had fun over Christmas playing with Grandma Hammi while she was getting ready at Aunt Margi's house. So this is a two month old picture, but I just had to share.

Last but not least, Caleb had a four day weekend on February 18-21, so he took a trip to Minnesota with my parents. He spent his non-car time sledding, snowshoeing, and seeing a movie. My parents said he took to snowshoeing like a duck to water. It sounds like he had a lot of fun--Noah was very sad that he could not go. But next summer when Noah is 3, he will be old enough to take trips with Grandma and Grandpa Hammi. Here's Caleb in his North Woods gear.

Until next time, Happy March!

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