Caleb's New Friend.

For family and friends who don't see us very often, I thought I'd give a quick update on Caleb. Two exciting things happened to him recently. First, he played his first full song on the glockenspiel, so his music lessons are going very well. The song is Lucy Locket, and it is four measures long, with both eighth notes and quarter notes. I will try to get a video of him up here, though embedding video through Youtube has not been working for me.

The other big news is that we have new neighbors, and luckily for Caleb one of the kids is a 5 year old boy! He'll be a year behind Caleb in school, but as they were still born in the same year they are getting along great! Caleb has been playing with him all afternoon today, as he has the day off school.

Until next time...

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