Happy Groundhog's Day!

Baby it's cold outside! We've had a few snow days this week, but as it's too cold to go out really, I don't have any pictures. (That and the fact that my camera is broken, at least temporarily). So there won't be a lot of pictures in this post, but I will give some updates on the boys, especially for those of you who only see them a few times a year and rely on this blog for updates!

Caleb is doing well in kindergarten. We got his second report card recently, and he is still doing very well in all academics. He's had some trouble listening (I think) in P.E. and Art, and is still working on respecting others (he likes to boss kids around and he likes them to listen to him!) but he improved on his listening skills in his regular class.

More exciting is that Caleb is reading. He's doing very well, and loves to read Hop on Pop and Morris Goes to School to us. I will try to get a video of him reading soon and post it. He does really well, and it's very cute.

Noah is also thriving--he is so verbal and active, these snow days really wear me out! It's obvious to anyone who interacts with Noah that he's into music; he's frequently singing. Most often he's humming the Star Wars theme because his brother hums that all. the. time. Noah's favorite movie right now is How to Train Your Dragon (we all love that one) and he walks around telling us he's Tookless (Toothless, the dragon).

Both boys are enjoying Kindermusik. They were supposed to start a new semester this week but the snow pushed everything back a week. Noah will be doing his final semester along with mom and dad; next fall he'll be old enough for the 3-5 class where he goes it alone. Caleb is starting his second semester of Young Child, so he's going to continue learning the play the glockenspiel. It's so much fun to see him learning to read music!

Mark and I are well too--actually the whole family has been fighting colds this past week, but I think we're all recovering finally. We're very glad that it's February and are all ready for Spring. The boys like the snow, but it's not as much fun when it's too cold to play in it. Mark and I are ready for April showers and May flowers, for certain.

Stay warm and healthy! (I tried posting some cute pictures of the boys, but something isn't working right. Sorry!)

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