Book Parade.

So we found out about two weeks (if that) prior to the event that Caleb's school has a book parade every year. Each child dresses up as their favorite book character. Though I consider it quite, well, unreasonable to have additional costuming responsibilities in October, I had to make something because Caleb's Halloween costume is going to be Bumblebee the transformer. There may be Transformer books out there, but we don't own any and they definitely aren't favorites.

So Caleb and I chatted about what he wanted to be for the parade. Caleb wanted to be Stinky Face from the book I Love You Stinky Face. Anyone who has read this book knows there are several forms that Stinky Face goes through. Caleb wanted the Swamp Monster, but I hesitated, knowing I could not do a Swamp Monster costume in a week and a half (also having the house to clean for an appraisal and lots of other things to do).

So I asked Caleb if he could settle for his second favorite book, The Kissing Hand. He agreed that Chester the Raccoon would make a great costume. So I bought some fun fur yarn, dug out some black felt, red foam, my old black gloves, and the leftover brown fleece from when we made cow costumes for the church Christmas program a few years back, and set to work. The only true sacrifice for the costume was a pair of old Thomas the Train sunglasses--I glued black felt to them and popped the lenses out so Caleb would easily be able to wear the raccoon mask without tying it. Noah hasn't noticed that they are missing yet, but as he has other sunglasses I don't anticipate any fuss.

The costume turned out pretty good. At least I think anyone who'd read the book would recognize who he is.

Of course Noah wanted his picture taken too. So we gave him some sunglasses to wear. He's definitely in the "be like big brother" stage.

On to Halloween, right? Oh wait, we still need pumpkins! Until next week...

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