Of Gardens and Gypsies!

So this past week we cleared out what was left of the garden this year. I thought all hope was lost for Caleb's carrots, but we found one! Here it is:

Unfortunately, while it was cute it did not appear to be edible--carrots that feel spongy probably don't taste good.

We also went to the Renaissance Faire this weekend. We knew it might be rainy but that did not deter us! So of course it poured on us some of the time. Luckily it was a nice temperature despite the rain, so we weren't miserable.

The trick with going to the Renaissance Faire every year is trying to find new things to do. As more years go by, I am more and more interested in seeing the performances, now that I've seen most of the wares for sale. This year we watched Sonic Sidhe Tribe, who performed fire spinning and drumming. It was very cool. I wish I could get pictures that capture it, but the spinning really requires video, and I don't know how to use the video on the new digital camera yet. So use your imagination, or see them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwOeg3O-No4.

Caleb and Noah both opted to buy wooden swords for their souvenirs (Noah's decision may have been influenced slightly by his brother...but wouldn't you want your own sword if you knew your older brother might threaten you with his sword?). Then, of course, they had to find a way to stash them while they played in the Children's Realm!

Noah actually ended up losing his sword somewhere...it was raining and in trying to figure out where to go and keep the kids reigned in, we think he must have set it down and another child picked it up. So we kindly bought him one more, as they were only 8 bucks and I certainly wasn't going to ride back home for 3 hours with a 2 year old screaming about a lost sword.

The other new sight we saw at the Faire this year was smoke bubbles! Instead of the usual bubble machine they always had at this one store, they had a smoke bubble machine. It produced bubbles full of smoke that puffed when they popped! Mark and I both thought that was very neat, and now I want one for our Halloween front door display.

Here are the smoke bubbles--again, photos don't do them justice!
Until next time...

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