Bunkbeds, Trains, and Cheese!

Happy almost autumn!
We are enjoying 60-degree weather here today, which makes me happy because it means the Renaissance Faire, Apple Orchard visits, and Halloween are just around the corner. Caleb is enjoying kindergarten, most of the time. He already likes recess the best, but he also comes home singing new songs from music class and the work he brings home shows that Caleb is doing well academically. We expected that, since he already knew many of the things other children need to learn in Kindergarten. But even with already knowing his numbers and letters, I am impressed that the curriculum seems to have something new for every child to learn. Caleb has been working on writing his numbers and letters (which needed improvement) and he is improving quickly! He no longer writes any of the letters of his name backwards!

Noah is also well. He adjusted to Caleb's school switch with ease and grace. He does wish he could ride the schoolbus, but most of the time it doesn't occur to him to be upset about it because he is gone by the time Caleb gets on the bus. Noah appears to be giving up naps at home, even though he still takes them at school. We are doing everything we can to encourage napping!

I realized I had not yet posted pictures of the boys' bunkbeds. So here is their bunkbed, and then each of them sleeping in it.

We also had the opportunity, via Grandma and Grandpa Hammi, to ride on a real train a few weeks back. Noah was very excited, to say the least. Caleb also thought it was neat and was excited to get to climb up to the engine (after the ride was over). Both boys were given permission to toot the horn, but neither one wanted to do it. Go figure.

Last but not least, Noah is my little camera guy--he will turn anything into a camera and walk around saying "Say CHEESE!" So he's more than willing to pose when I want to take pictures. Here are a few cute ones. The first is him posing, and the second is his "I'm about to do something naughty" face.

We are looking forward to the coming cool weather, and we hope you enjoy it too! Hayfever season lasts too long for Mark and me. Next post will probably show off our Renaissance Faire fun, as I think we are going next weekend. Until next time...

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