First Day of Kindergarten.

Caleb just got on the bus to go to his first day of kindergarten. I kept my composure until the bus drove away, but then I had to cry. I am so excited for him and yet also so concerned for him! Mixed feelings just always make me weepy and stressed.

Caleb was so excited to wear his Lego Batman shirt for the first day that when he was getting dressed, he stared at it and examined it for 5 minutes before I had to remind him to get ready so he wouldn't miss the bus. Of course we were super early to the bus stop (only two houses down from where we live) so I had time to take a few pictures.

Caleb wanted me to take a picture of his backpack! Bumblebee is his favorite transformer.

I'm certain Caleb will like school, and I cannot wait for 4pm to come around, so I can meet him when he gets off the bus and find out how his first day went. I'm so proud of Caleb; he's such a confident little guy and I think he'll probably already have 5 friends by this afternoon!

Here he is getting on the bus:

The bus driver seemed so nice--she reminded Caleb to turn around and let me take one more picture (a smart woman, she must know what it's like to send your child off to school).

God bless Caleb and keep him safe and help him learn. Since I cannot be there with him, I trust in God to watch over him and guide his path.

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