Hot Days.

So I was spoiled spending a few days in Denver recently, where despite the heat it felt nice because it was so dry. Coming back to Nebraska reminded me why I am not an outside person in July and August!

But instead of moping about indoors, we got out the water toys! My aunt Carol had sent us a pack of birthday presents (thank you!) for the boys, and she included a huge beach ball sprinkler--Caleb was very excited to play with it even though I caught him with a weird face in this picture--neither of the boys were standing still enough for good pictures because if they did the water dripped in their faces!

Noah was a little nervous about all the spraying water (let's face it, when is Noah not nervous about something new!?), but he seemed to enjoy it when I took him through with me. With a heat advisory in effect and the sun behind our house, it was the perfect afternoon for water play. Caleb also wanted to see what would happen if he used his umbrella in the sprinkler--as expected, it shot up inside it and he still got wet!

And since Caleb has decided that when he grows up he will be a firefighter, he enjoyed practicing his skills today with the hose.

Stay cool!

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