The Best Kind of Fun.

So this morning (July 17), we sort of lazed about and didn't get going very quickly, mostly because Mark had an exhausting week with the kids and I got back home very late last night from my trip for work. So the kids found their own fun; well, Caleb found it and then Noah wanted to copy it. It's a well-known form of entertainment in our family. I remember my niece and nephew having much fun like this once upon a time. We call it fun with a box.

First Caleb wanted to be a jack in the box--which he now insists will be his Halloween costume this year. We'll see if that lasts once he starts school!

Then of course Noah wanted in on the fun, so we found Noah a box and the boys both walked around being robots.

Noah had to go and do each and everything Caleb did. To Mark and myself it is reminiscent of Grandma Judy's stories about Mark following Eric around as a child. I think it's adorable!

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