Summer Fun!

So we finally bought a new camera--I lost the charger for our old one in my first trip to Colorado this year, and while a new charger would have been cheaper, our first digital camera was a senior citizen and we decided it was time for an upgrade.
So we've got probably three posts of pictures. Let's start with Independence Day. Caleb went up north with Grandma and Grandpa Hammi for the Fourth of July, to go fishing, so we will have pictures from that eventually. So here at home it was just Mark, Noah, and myself.

Noah thought snaps and little daytime fireworks were great. He was pretty nervous at the professional show we watched, so he just snuggled with Mark and didn't actually see the show. Mark and I enjoyed it though. I tried my new camera's fireworks setting, but I didn't notice that it worked any better than using just a nighttime setting.

One of our fireworks this year left a huge scorch in the street--it was called a whip and we thought it would spin or something, but it was really a very bright, noisy giant strip of firecrackers, or so it seemed.

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