Cowboys and Bike Rides!

With the weather so nice lately, despite the rain, the boys have been wanting to go play outside almost every night. They are also both very interested in riding bikes. Noah has inherited Caleb's trike as Caleb received a bike with training wheels for Christmas this year.

So here are a few pictures of their bike riding, and a video of Caleb being a bike-riding cowboy. I bought the cowboy hats for the boys in Denver while attending a conference.

In other news, Noah will be joining Caleb at his school in about three weeks. Mark and I are very excited about this because it means only one drop-off in the morning and Caleb's school is much closer to Mark's work than Noah's. It also doesn't hurt that we'll get a sibling discount!

Caleb is growing by leaps and bounds--we found out he can touch the kitchen faucet now without a stool, albeit while on tiptoes, and while on a short stepstool (about a foot tall) he can get the peanut butter and honey out of the upper kitchen cabinets!

Noah is our little busy-man. He runs through stores with reckless abandon. He is constantly getting into stuff! Much to our amusement, Noah's favorite words right now are "No!" and "Okay!"

Both boys are enjoying Kindermusik and our occasional visits to the Children's museum. This month and June will be busy as we have Noah's birthday, our anniversary, Memorial Day, The boys' birthday party, Caleb's birthday, and then our trip to Chicago. Whew! Hopefully we will many pictures to post!

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