Savior Sunday

No bible verse today, and the devotional is going to be pretty short since I am sick.

Yesterday I thought I was going to write about how God's love is the only truly unconditional love...I saw a WWII movie and was feeling very sad about all the horrible things Hitler did to Jewish people, gypsies, etc. But that post will have to wait.

Today I got sick. Not horribly hospitalizing-sick. Just achy, pukey, wanna-lay-in-bed-all-day sick. So as I was lying there, in between fits of sleep, I tried to think about God and why being sick could be a blessing. Here is what I came up with:

1. If I feel sick, that means I'm alive--and that is a blessing.
2. Being sick is hard on me because I'm not sick often--another blessing.
3. My son was sicker than I was, showing me it could be worse--blessing.
4. My son and I got sick on a weekend, when my husband is home to help--definitely a blessing.
5. Being sick usually kick-starts some weight loss--a final blessing.

So see, there are blessings in the bad things. This doesn't make it all better, but at least I can find the silver lining. :-)

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