Family Friday/Story Saturday

I don't really have any news about the boys or our family this week--we've started Christmas shopping and are just trying to lessen the stress that always creeps in this time of year. So here are some pictures of the boys at the park last week--we went there to get a better picture for our Christmas cards!

And speaking of a book recommendation--I don't have anything new on my bookshelf right now; I'm re-reading New Moon in anticipation of the completely teeny-bopper, lovey-dovey, lowers-your-I.Q. movie coming out next week. Sure, sure--I am going to see it. So let me recommend a series of books I fell in love with some time ago. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I think there are currently 7 books (I haven't gotten the most recent one yet, dang it. Maybe for Christmas?) and it's love meets time travel meets really good story-telling. If you like a well-written, quality story that still has a bit of racy love in it, read these books. The time travel part *almost* sold my husband on reading them, but not quite.

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  1. Sounds good. I'm stuck for books just now. Well, not quite, I have tons of non fiction books on my to read list, but have been in the mood for a good novel. I love the teeny bopper ones too. I'm so into that. hehe.