Savior Sunday.

"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"

What a good verse for this time of year. It's not about receiving but about the giving. I need this reminder more often than I'd like to admit. And I'm not talking about Christmas. I really am all about the giving at Christmas--I love finding that perfect gift for someone and seeing them light up with surprise when they open it.

I'm talking about daily life. I feel like I give enough. And I give a lot. And it's NEVER enough for the people I'm giving to.

But maybe my perspective is skewed. Maybe I'm distorted in my view. Maybe I'd be happier if I gave more. If I gave more time to my husband for helping around the house. If I gave more patience to my kids when they are trying to tell me something. If I gave more concentration to my school work. I don't know, whaddya think? I know some of you out there feel like I do--like you're stretched too thin...there are so many commitments that to get some of them done means others get neglected. I am going to try to pare down so I don't have to feel that way anymore. I've given up Praise Team for the time being, and I've bought a parking permit so I can spend my time more efficiently (waiting up to a half an hour for a bus and then riding it for 15 minutes morning and night was NOT efficient).

My husband has indirectly asked me to give less time to some of my favorite activities. Prayer Shawl group and blogging. So I am. As of now, I'm going to cut back the daily blogs and only post the themes that help me in daily life, and of course post updates about the boys. So I'll do Menu Plan Mondays, Tot Talk Tuesdays, Family Fridays, and Savior Sundays. I was having trouble coming up with Top Ten Thursdays and Story Saturdays anyway. Wild Wednesdays I will probably do once in a while, when I have something to say. :-)

I hope this will help. I just keep telling myself that I've only got a few more years of this--once I'm done with my doctorate, things will calm down. But if anyone has some bible verses that would be helpful, I'm all ears.

And now, a prayer: Lord, please make me an instrument of your peace. Let me find the balance in life and give more to others than to myself. Amen.

Have a blessed week.

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