Top Ten Thursday

So this might be a little lame, but I've been itching to play some games lately, so here are my Top Ten Favorite games right now.

1. The Bean Game (otherwise known as Bohnanza). I don't know why I like this game because I'm not all that good at it. But even when I lose it's fun.

2. Squint. My friend Ryan and I are pretty darn good at this game--when we partner up, we beat the pants off people.

3. UNO. A classic--I could play UNO all day long, I think.

4. Loaded Question. I don't get to play it very often, but whenever we do people seem to have fun.

5. Carcassonne. I seriously did not think I would like this game. I've only played it once but I am itching to try it again.

6. Imaginiff. Along the same lines as #4, people seem to have fun during this game, even though no one jumps at the chance to play it.

7. Apples to Apples. Just really amusing. And so simple to play. I love it.

8. Cranium. I never, ever get to play this game. But I love that it has all different kinds of categories, and I will never forget my Mother-in-law being a lava lamp. Ever.

9. Dutch Blitz. This one brings back memories of a time when Mark, myself, and our good friends were all sans kids and living in apartments. Nuts! It's so much fun to play!

10. Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. This is a game I can regularly beat my husband at, which means it goes on my top ten list. Someday I will remember whether Merry or Pippin said, "Where are we going?" (I always get that question and I always get it wrong!)


  1. Cool list. You mention some new ones for me. I'll have to look these up.

  2. You didn't have Scrabble on the list? How could you leave off this classic? LOL. I know that not everyone enjoys it as much as me.