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So first, a nonverbal tot talk from Noah; can I just say how adorable it is that Noah now shakes his head no when he doesn't want something? It makes life a bit easier than when he just pitched a fit on the floor if I gave him the wrong thing. (BTW, he also knows the word "No". But hasn't used it correctly in context. Instead, in the car he'll just go on a verbal rampage. Something like, "No. No. NO. No. Bye bye. No, No.")

And now for Caleb's tot talks of the week. This morning Caleb and I were in the little car (as opposed to the van) and he wanted music. Our little car only does radio, essentially, and everything this morning was talk radio. So we did the Mommy Jukebox, where Caleb requests a song and I sing it. At one point Caleb requested Pocahontas (which means The Colors of the Wind) and I got a little confused on the lyrics and sang, "sing with all the voices of the rainbow" and out of the back of the car, Caleb yells, "It's MOUNTAIN, mommy. mountain." He was right--it is "sing with all the voices of the mountain..." This, from a kid who's only seen the preview for Pocahontas, never the whole movie. Obviously he's watched the preview a lot.

And, Caleb just started at a new preschool yesterday; we visited the preschool last Friday for an hour or so, to give him a smoother transition. They do circle time and the class leader chooses a word related to the weekly theme--then everyone says that word when their name is called, to take "attendance". Make sense? (It seems a little time consuming and purposeless to me, but whatever. It's just preschool.) So, last Friday when we visited, the theme for the week was dinosaurs and the class leader picked "stegosaurus" as the attendance word. When Caleb was called (they kindly included him) he refused to say stegosaurus and instead said "T-Rex". (his favorite dinosaur) But that's not the cute or funny part; that's the mommy's-embarrassed-because-my-kid-is-already-acting-obstinate part.

The cute or funny part is that last night, when Caleb was reporting how his school day went, he told me, "And the word of the day was scary monster, and I SAID scary monster, mommy. I didn't say T-Rex." So at least he's trying to cooperate, for now. :-)

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  1. I thought the Pocahontas thing was funny enough, until you mentioned he hadn't even seen the movie, and that made me crack up even more. How cute. Yes, my kids sit and watch trailers for movies over and over as well. hehe