Grandparents Day!

So we invited our parents to celebrate Grandparents Day with us at the Lincoln Children's museum. They were having a special celebration--free admission for grandparents, free chair massages, and free cookies were a few of the perks. So my mom and dad and Mark's dad came with us that day. Of course, as always, I forgot my camera, but thanks to my dad (thanks DAD!) I have some pictures, even though it was a few weeks ago.

Here is Pharoah Noah on his throne:
And jailbird Caleb:
Tired Daddy:
Noah played on almost every vehicle at the museum. He preferred the ones that were kiddie-sized, but also tried out the firetruck (as seen here with Grandpa Paul) and the airplane.
They were also doing face-painting--which is normally there, except this time it was upstairs near the space stuff. Caleb asked to have a full face unicorn, upon which the face-painting lady looked at me like, "You gotta be kidding me." I said, "Just do your best..." So she did, I guess. I think he looks more like a ghost with a weird dot on his head than a unicorn, but who am I to criticize? I probably couldn't do any better:

So, just some pictures this week. Oh, one more thing. I remembered what it was Caleb said that was so cute from last week. As I was putting him to bed on Saturday night, he said, "How do doctors get babies out of mommy's tummies?" to which I explained at the level of a four year old (something about mommies having special holes for babies and some doctors making an extra hole and then closing it back up...). After that conversation (which included asking to see the hole that the doctor made in mommy's tummy), Caleb was silent for a few minutes, then popped up and said, "And the doctor puts the baby in the mommy's mouth, and she swallows it, and that's how the baby gets in mommy's tummy!" So then we had another short conversation about how that wasn't quite accurate...

...needless to say, I think Mark can take the next few birds-n-bees talks. I've done my quota for the month.

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