Tot Talk Tuesday

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So I had a really good one for this week, but it's written down somewhere and I cannot find it. (doh!) But never fear, I've been paying attention this week, so I have two other good ones to share.

Caleb was talking about the sun going down the other day, and being the geeky mom I am, I corrected him and told him that the sun doesn't actually move, but rather the earth rotates away from the sun. He didn't understand, so Mark and I grabbed our globe (thanks Judy!) and a flashlight and showed Caleb what we meant. He seemed to grasp the idea after that, I think.

So then Saturday we were at the park after dinner with some friends, and I said it was time to go home because it was getting dark and was Noah's bedtime. And Caleb said, "but the sun doesn't move mommy, right?" So I guess he got the idea, or at least believes me even if his eyes deceive him. I'm a happy mommy--that's one less science misconception he'll have to get rid of.

Second story: This morning, Caleb wanted to have a birthday party after he got ready for the day. He got ready REALLY fast for him (we should plan birthday parties every morning!) and then we had the party. I asked if we were having pretend cake, and Caleb said "No it's real" and he opened the fridge and pointed up at the eggs--I said, "The eggs?" and he said, "no, on TOP of the eggs!" I caught on--and grabbed the invisible cake off the top of the eggs and handed it to Caleb. He told me his cake was named coconut and it had green frosting. When his daddy had a piece, Caleb said "You forgot to get your fork!" To which Mark responded, "then what's this in my hand?" and Caleb said in an exasperated tone, "that's a spoon!"

All in all, a good morning. Even if we did get out a bit later than we should have.


  1. I *love* their imagination. I bet he was happier all day because of that wee party in the morning. It's so worth taking the time.

  2. "That's a spoon" is absolutely adorable! I can picture it :)

    How cute!

  3. What a cute time together! Really precious :)

  4. There's nothing like an imaginary spoon to start off the day right! :)