Fun Fun Fall!

Hello everyone! Fall is here, which always makes me super-happy. Let me show you some other things that make me super-happy!

My kids playing nicely together--they've FINALLY started to be able to play together, sort of. It's more parallel play for Noah, but at least Caleb is no longer regularly beating on Noah, and Noah's no longer avoiding Caleb whenever possible.
Also, our garden did yield actual produce! Not much, and not very big...but I was very afraid that I would have to buy watermelons and pumpkins and stick them in the garden, so that Caleb would see what gardens are supposed to look like. I didn't have to do that, so it's a win. I don't have pictures of the pumpkins yet, since we just cut them off the vine tonight, but I'll post them next time. Here is Caleb with one of the watermelons! Yes, we know they are small.
Last but not least, some of our friends' kids came to visit us this weekend (their Mom and Dad needed a sitter during the big homecoming 300th consecutive sellout Husker game). The kids had lots of fun, as always!
That's it 'til next time. All of us around here are hoping for a nice hard freeze, just at night. We love the daytime temps right now, but the hayfever is really annoying! May your days be bright and your evenings COLD! :-)

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