Tot Talk Tuesday

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Well, I just know Caleb said some cute things this week, but seeing as it's been busy at home and busy at work, I just cannot think of any of them (I did sit and try to think of them, I promise). So this week's Tot Talk is going to be a preservation of some of Noah's first words (Noah's version--what the word means):

uzat?--What's that? (his first sentence!)
Gakum--Taco (he said uzat to our taco salad, I told him taco, and he repeated gakum)
cocker--cracker (his word for anything crispy or crunchy)
bahbae- either baby, byebye, or bah-beans (from String beans song) depending on the context

Oh, and I might add--he says "uzat?" ALL the time now. Mark and I weren't even the first ones to notice that he was asking "what's that?" when he said it. But now that someone pointed it out, we notice he is always asking what something is. And about 25 percent of the time, Noah will try to repeat whatever we say in response. And I thought Caleb was an early talker--I think Noah might try out for debate or speech in grade school! (just kidding)


  1. I love "uzat?" That's really cute. I think you do have some fun talkers on your hands.

  2. Smart little guy! Thats's awesome.

  3. My nephew used to say "Hizzah?" I LOVED it! My daughter also said "uzat" but I liked Hizzah better. It always sounded like some sort of exciting proclamation lol!