We've had a lot of learning experiences around here lately. Caleb learned about screwdrivers, helping Daddy to fix his old bedroom door...

...and here is a picture of Noah's tantrum, which I described in yesterday's Tot Talk Tuesday. So this is what he learned this week.

And Caleb decided to put his fridge alphabet in order according to the ABC song. He did a good job, except that he would not believe me when I told him that it went in the other direction. So I think perhaps he should sign up to learn Japanese someday. They read right to left, correct?

So, lots of learning going on at our house...which is fitting since it's back-to-school season. Hope all you school-agers are enjoying your first week of school. Caleb will be very excited to join you next year!

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  1. LOL. Yep, I see that very often here, too. Our children must be very close in age. And I never cease to be amazed at what my 5 year old can do. She pulled out a map yesterday and started reading the continents. She turned to me at one point and point and sounded out, "Aaafrica. AFRICA, Mommy!" I was astounded because I've not said the word to her before, at least not that I know.

    Kids are just so smart! They start figuring it all out on their own when given the freedom and encouragement to do so.

  2. It's always cute when the little ones help fix things around the house. Great job with the fridge alphabet. He's a smart guy :)