Tot "Talk" Tuesday

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Hi All! Sorry I've been AWOL lately. There's just been a lot going on. For my Tot Talk Tuesday today, the best I can do will be Noah's first Tot Talk. Since he's not talking yet, this will be more of a communication from him to me.

Noah is into everything these days (isn't that the definition of being one?) and for the millionth time yesterday I either took something away from him or redirected him. He always gives me a little whining to let me know his opinion of my parenting. But yesterday after said event, Noah tried to throw his first fit. (I'm chuckling even as I write this, it was so cute) He whined, then quickly stopped whining and laid down on his tummy with his legs and arms out (like a beached whale). After a few seconds, he looked up at me to see if it was working. I busted out laughing because it was comical, his laying there without whining, attempting to mimic a fit. I don't know if Noah learned this from his brother (which is definitely possible) or from another kid at school, but he needs to work on his technique. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the whining and tummy laying are supposed to occur at the same time, and I also think there is supposed to be kicking and flailing.

Oh well, I expect that will come soon enough.


  1. hehe, yup, he'll learn in time! He'll have the art mastered. Turtle has started sort of dropping his head down in defiance a little. It's the beginnings of temper tantrum stages. I'm going to enjoy it while it's still cute!

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    That's cute.

  3. I remember that stage! So funny that he seemed to be checking to see if the little tantrum was doing its magic on Mommy:) Really cute post.

  4. Awww! It's too bad tantrums don't STAY that cute!

  5. My 1 year-old does that EXACT same thing. We always just laugh at him. He'll whine, then suddenly plot his little body on the floor, tummy down, limbs outstretched -- in protest of my decision. What cracks us up is that he'll even look for the softest spot to protest...like not on the hard floor. He'll walk over to the carpet and plop down there. LOL

  6. No! Let him get it wrong! LOL Its easier that way.