So I do promise to eventually post more pictures of the boys! In my defense, we've been very busy this past week. Caleb went on his annual vacation to Minnesota with Grandma Beth and Grandpa Hammie. And Mark and I have been helping Mark's parents move to Lincoln, so even though Noah has been cute as always, we haven't had much time to snap pictures.

But Caleb is back now and things should settle down, I hope, as much as they ever do. I will try to snap some pictures of Caleb's kindermusik class tonight, and of course some of Noah. We did go to the Omaha zoo two weekends ago. Why are those pictures not on here yet? Because I forgot my digital cam and had to buy a disposable one. It takes me infinitely longer to post old-fashioned pictures. But I will try to shoot up that roll tonight, get it developed tomorrow, and post the pictures Wednesday.

Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of real summer. Kathie-the-mom enjoys the rain that is unusual for this time of year. Kathie-the-student wants to go back to a normal pace of classwork (summer classes are crammed into five weeks). So if I don't get those pictures posted, you will know what my excuse will be!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing those pics whenever they make it to the WWW. I am so behind in my pics, I have a ton to edit and upload. I know how it goes. But living life takes priority over documenting it.