First Steps! and more...

Well, we had a momentous week. Noah is taking his first steps--he's gone from one or two to several steps in just a few days. Here's a video of his accomplishment:
We've also discovered that old Halloween costumes make the best dress-up clothes. Caleb was a pirate and a dragon. Here's a picture of the pirate. We didn't post a picture of the dragon, as it's not technically an "old" Halloween costume. We bought it a year or two ago, but now it just fits him, so we're hoping it will be this year's costume.

And we put up our pool for the summer. Yay! Caleb and I went swimming tonight while Mark was at bowling. We tried to take Noah in with us, but he's still afraid of any body of water bigger than a bathtub (he LOVES bath time!). So I put him on a towel on the grass while Caleb and I played in the water. Here's a picture of the boys prior to swimming, since during swimming I couldn't take pictures and at the same time watch the boys carefully.

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