Tot Talk Tuesday

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So the only one I can remember this week is kinda lame. We put up our pool this past weekend, and last night Caleb and I went swimming in it while Mark was at bowling. (Noah didn't like the water, so he didn't join us for long) Anyway, in the car on the way home last night (before swimming), Caleb said "Is our house a hotel now?" since it has a pool. So that was cute. Then in the pool, I mentioned that the pool was nice even though it wasn't a hotel water park pool. Then Caleb said, "No, our pool is just a bathtub pool." (I think he is referring to the size...our pool is about 8 feet across total, not very big)

So, kinda lame. But it'll get me through to next week--and hopefully I will have some wonderful sound bites to share then!


  1. Not lame! Besides, who cares, there's no competition :) It's just for fun.

  2. How cute! It may seem lame now, but in 20 years you'll be glad you have something for each week of their "little kid" lives. :)

    Have a great week!


  3. So cute :) Love how they compare everything to what they know the best..

  4. That's great. A bath tub pool. I love how their minds work.

    Oh and coco keys do have the life jacket/vest things. They hang them over the sides and you just grab them, there have always been plenty available when we've been. I guess if its super busy them might run out. I've seen some decent ones in Once Upon A Child before too.