Tot Talk Tuesday

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Woohoo--I've got plenty this week.

So last week I was driving Caleb to the ENT specialist (the reason will become obvious). Here is the conversation we had on the way:

Me: "So, honey, why did you stick a rock up your nose at school?"

Caleb: "Because my nose wanted a rock up it, but then it hurt."

Me: "Sigh."

Then last night Caleb had a bad dream, and this morning he told me about it:

"I dreamed about a polar bear, he was trying to eat me, so I turned into a bird and flew away, but then I came back home and was a T-Rex again." (The T-Rex seems funnier out of context, but actually he has been pretending to be a T-Rex for the past few weeks, so it does make sense)

And last but not least, Caleb was very much into swimming pools the past few weeks (since we put up our pool) so when his Grandma and Grandpa gave him a globe to put in his room, he was looking at the globe and asked, "Where is the swimming pool?"

Have a good week everyone!


  1. These are SOOO cute. I always enjoy hearing about children's dreams--asking questions and getting all the tiny, hilarious details.

    Yeah, I gathered up a few for this week's tot talk Tuesday, too. It's becoming easier to remember them and I'm so glad I've joined in!


  2. Really adorable! I love how he asked about the pool. Funny about the T-Rex too. I'm having fun playing along today:)

  3. "because my nose wanted a rock up it"


  4. These are awesome! It's great that you recorded these. It can be way too easy to forget them. "where's the swimming pool?" - I love it