Happy March everyone! The good news here in Nebraska is that it has felt like Spring the past few days (I think the high yesterday was in the 70s!!!). However, it was snowy before that, as you can see here:
Yep, Mark had to get out the snowblower last weekend, and despite it being bitterly cold that morning, Caleb wanted to go outside too. As you can see, Caleb improvised a snowblower of his own (it's his toy lawnmower)! If only the toy lawnmower really moved snow!

I finally caught Noah's goofy face on camera--he tends to grab his top lip with his two bottom teeth. Here is the evidence:
We don't know exactly why he is doing this--but it sure makes one heck of a funny look! He's got his own version of monster face!

In other news, Noah is now fully pulling up onto his feet. This has made for a few falls; luckily none of them have been painful for Noah yet. Every morning I go into his room after my shower, and this is what I see:
Noah is now always standing in his crib in the morning, waiting for me to get him. Usually he's babbling some combination of "ga," "ra," and "vra"...I'm just glad he's patiently orating to the room, instead of screaming and crying for me!

I've also gotten some cute recent pictures of the boys together. Here they are:
I thought this one above was just cute, even though Caleb isn't looking at the camera. What you don't know is Caleb is physically holding Noah there--as Noah wanted to zombie crawl over to me to grab the camera!

And here is another cute shot--again Caleb is holding Noah's feet, so he can't crawl too close to me. I tell you, when kids get mobile it gets really hard to get nice pictures of them up close!
Last but not least, I thought it'd be nice to compare Caleb's singing skills now to his singing skills about a year ago. I think I had a video of him on here, singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" last year--well, he's much improved. I like to think it's not only his development but his Kindermusik classes; he really enjoys Kindermusik and I've noticed he now has good rhythm (for a 3.5 year old) and follows the general ups and downs of a song--even if he cannot quite stay in tune. Here's the direct comparison (whatever the reason for his improvement).
The old video, of Caleb last year in April:
The new video, of Caleb this month:

Not only is Caleb's singing improved, but my videography is better too! I know now not to take videos of the kids in the basement--it's too dark, even with the lights on!

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