One-Size Fuzzi Bunz review

Hi all! This is a post related to Caleb and Noah, but not directly about them. Since I don't know who reads these posts, and since I have a few friends who prefer to cloth diaper like we do, I thought I'd post my initial reactions to the new, one-size fuzzi bunz.

First off, when I first heard about these diapers coming out, I had mixed feelings. I was excited because I'd wanted very badly to cloth diaper in and out of the house, and I love the sized fuzzi bunz (but hadn't bought enough because of cost). However, I'd also just tried the BumGenius 2.0s and found that they didn't work as well as I wanted--Noah just didn't have fat enough legs, so he leaked every time! (I've now found out that it was not only his legs, but that the diapers needed to be stripped...I stripped them last night, and he did leak out again in the night, but I don't think an overnight trial is very fair--considering Noah's urine output at night fills even a disposable!)
Anyway, so I wondered what the new fuzzi bunz would be like--we bought two at a store in town on Saturday, washed them, and tried them this weekend. I love them! I haven't yet tried them at night (I only have two right now) but they are so much trimmer on Noah than the BumGenius, and there are no gaps in the legs because I can adjust the leg holes! Very, very cool.
So, the jury is still out as to whether the new Fuzzi Bunz diapers can not leak through an entire night, but for daytime use I feel like these are much less likely to leak, so I'll be more likely to use them outside the house! I felt so confident in these that I've already bought 15 more of them (from an awesome webstore that buys back my sized fuzzi bunz, albeit at a pretty reduced rate from what I paid for them!).

Go fuzzi bunz!

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