Renaissance Faire

Whew! October has been very busy--it sure seems that I post about being busy a lot! :-) At least I feel that we're busy enjoying life, rather than having it pass us by. This month we went to the Renaissance Faire in K.C. Here are some pictures:
Caleb riding a Llama!
At the Ren. faire this year, Caleb got to pick one activity to do. He really wanted to do the dragon rides (there are two of them) or the bungy bouncer ride, but he isn't big enough yet (says Mommy). So he chose to do the "pony" rides, except in addition to two ponies, there was a yak/water buffalo (we think) and a llama (and maybe one other unusual animal, I can't remember). Anyway, we thought there would be a short wait since almost all the animals had riders and there were two boys in line before Caleb. As it turned out, Caleb got to go right away because neither of the other boys (both older than Caleb) wanted to ride the llama! Caleb didn't care--he was as happy to ride the llama as he would have been riding a horse. Our little South American caballero (cowboy, for you non-spanish speakers)!
We did see some new things at the Faire this year--I don't know if the bird show was new to the Faire, but we had never seen it before! We saw a vulture, a peregrin falcon, and a barn owl! I liked the barn owl the best.

The barn owl landing on milady's arm.

Argh! Caleb the pirate!

Caleb also brought his pirate bandanna and sword/hilt to wear, and he played in the children's area on the pirate ship. It was a busy day at the Faire (why do we always go the last weekend it's open?!) but Caleb had lots of fun running around with the other kids, and even got to participate in the children's parade, where a wizard leads all the children around the inside and outside of the children's play area. As we were leaving, Caleb said, "Well, this was a fun time!" so I think he enjoyed the day. Noah definitely did--we wore him out.

Noah asleep on our way out of the Renaissance Faire

Next time, I'll post pictures from our two trips to the Pumpkin patch.

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