Lions, Batman, and Dancing, Oh My!

So now October has come and gone--why does my favorite month go so quickly? :-)
Noah and Caleb both dressed up for Halloween. Noah was a lion, while Caleb decided to be Batman. Mark got into the spirit, too, wearing his renaissance faire cloak and using his walking stick.

Noah the Lion!

Batman Caleb!

Caleb was so into Batman that he wore his cape and mask as often as he could, even going outside this morning to play in the backyard with them on! Here he is wearing them with his pajamas this morning:

It would seem that Caleb likes October nearly as much as I do--he got to go to two pumpkin patches...but we only have pictures from one (the pictures from the other pumpkin patch are still on a disposable camera). As you can see, Emperor Palpatine obviously had his grunts scouting out the pumpkin patch for rebel spies:

And The String Beans happened to be playing at the patch too, which was great fun for Caleb. He grooved to their beat!

In other news, Caleb is really starting to get into dress up. In addition to Batman, he has his Superstar glasses...

...and his star hat, which was supposed to be a rain hat for Kindermusik, but Shawna said to let the kids design their own hat, and this is what Caleb wanted:

Noah has continued the funny hat theme with his Pumpkin hat:

And in other Noah news, not only is Noah rolling over (which I may have mentioned in a previous post), but he also began eating rice cereal this past week. Although he's not yet 6 months, the doctor gave us the go-ahead to try cereal if Noah wasn't sleeping through the night. So we tried it for the first time about a week ago, since we noticed that Noah watched us eat dinner very intently and made munching motions with his mouth whenever we ate in front of him! Well...the cereal didn't help the sleeping, BUT Noah really loves to eat! He did way better than I expected, so here's a video showing his first rice cereal meal:

I'm sure we'll have more to post next week, as Caleb is constantly giving us fits of laughter with the cute things he does, and Noah (by virtue of his age) does something new about every week or two. Until then, Happy November!

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