Second Round of Pictures...only since it's a blog, they come first!

Hi! Here are more pictures. The first one is Caleb as we leave town on our trip to Minnesota a few weeks ago--we went to celebrate my aunt's retirement. Caleb is such a good traveler!

These next two pictures are a set. I took a great picture of Noah and Caleb, except Noah's hand was in his mouth (as usual). I said something to Mark about it, and so then the next picture I took is also posted.Caleb is always listening to us, even when he doesn't answer (or when we aren't talking to him!). He decided he needed his hands in his mouth, like Noah. I don't think the oldest child is supposed to model the youngest...

Caleb is really being a good big brother--we've hardly seen any jealousy at all. He really seems to like taking care of Noah. He loves to hold him, kiss his head, and help us with baby stuff (bathing Noah, getting burp cloths, etc.) Here's a picture of some big brotherly love!
...And here is Caleb trying to give Noah a toy to play with--it's a cute crocheted toy from Aunt Wendy! Noah is more interested in looking at Caleb, though. I've said it before and I'll say it again--once Noah is up and walking around, these two are going to be trouble together!

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