Fall is here!

And it finally feels like it! Hopefully one of these weekends our family will have some time to enjoy the fall weather--we've been so crazy busy!

Well, here are some pictures of the boys, as usual. I'll have to post them in two posts, since blogspot is acting up and won't let me post all of them at the same time.

Noah just loves his exersaucer--most of the time. It's actually one that we borrowed from a friend. Noah stares at the toys sometimes, and really likes that he can see what is going on. He's still a "hold me" baby though--Mama or Daddy's arms is where he likes to be best.

Caleb got new pajamas from Grandma Beth, and they are not only spaceship jammies, they are footie jammies too! That's way cool. Here is Caleb trying to say, "To Infinity and Beyond!" (He hasn't seen much of Toy Story yet, but I taught him to say that). Actually, it usually comes out "To Finity and Ond!"

I caught Noah with his hands in his mouth again (I know, this is not a surprise to anyone who has spent at least 5 minutes with the boy). But this picture was so funny, I had to post it--he looks so suspenseful, like he's watching a movie and wondering what will happen.

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  1. Noah looks like he's thinking "Not OBAMA for president, what now!!!"

    -Aunt Joanie