Never forget.

Just a quick post to remember September 11, 2001. Do you remember where you were?

I was working at CYS Northwoods child care, washing dishes after breakfast. One of the parents came back where I was and mentioned that two airplanes had flown into the twin towers in NYC. All day long we had to rely on our boss and parents' updates to know what was going on, since we weren't allowed to have the radio on in the classrooms.

I remember spending the whole day wondering and fearing that the attacks would continue and might target Offutt Air Force Base, where my dad worked. One of my dad's friends worked at the Pentagon, and we feared for him as well. So many people died that day, and many more still suffer health problems. Still more lost loved ones.

Thank God for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank God for family. Go home tonight from work and kiss your loved ones--tell them you love them.

Life is short. Carpe Diem.
And never forget.

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  1. I remember I was teaching 9th grade geometry. As my 2nd period class came in, several who had spanish first period (they would watch CNN in spanish) said that someone had bombed the pentagon. At first I didn't believe what they were telling me. 3rd period was my plan period, so then I was able to find out that actually 4 airplanes had been hijacked and crashed on the east coast...