Busy, busy, busy.

Hi all! I apologize for the lapse in posting...school started and I am actually taking graduate classes again (okay, one class). And my job got really busy the past two weeks, so I haven't had much time to think of blogging about the boys.

So Noah can do crunches now, lifting his head completely off of whatever it's resting on. Here he is relaxed:

And here he is doing a crunch:

We realized that this means he can move himself into an unsafe position in his swing, so we had to move him into his own crib, in his own room. Mark and I are happy to have our bedroom to ourselves again, but Noah seems to be protesting the move by getting up more frequently in the night. Doh, we just can't win!

Here is a great picture of my boys, all three of them. Both Caleb and Mark need a haircut in this picture, which they received last week. So now I'll have to take a picture of their newly shorn heads.
And here is Caleb. The reason I have this picture is because I was taking pictures of Noah, and Caleb wanted me to take pictures of him. Caleb has definitely been noticing the attention paid to Noah lately. Jealous, perhaps? Of course, it's to be expected...

Here is the picture of Noah I was trying to take, when Caleb asked me to take his picture. What a cutie!

One cool dude!

And last but not least, here is proof that my two little boys do like each other! Caleb loves to "play" with Noah (which usually consists of laying a toy on Noah and then playing next to him), and Noah loves to watch Caleb do anything. Once these two are old enough to conspire, Mark and I are in serious trouble!

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