Starring Noah (with a cameo by Caleb)

Greetings everyone, and good luck and best wishes to all our friends who started school this week.

Noah's been busy and we've got lots of cute pictures of him to share.
Above is a picture of Noah with his bunny. I am sending this bunny with Noah wherever he goes...why, you ask? Because a lovey is SO much smaller than a blanket--I've learned my lesson from Caleb. Caleb totes his blanket wherever (reminds me of a certain Peanuts character...) and I figure if Noah is going to become attached to something, I'd rather it be something small. Right now it doesn't look so small in the picture, compared to Noah...:-)
Here is Noah sitting in the bumbo for the first time. I just love this picture--he looks so proper, like he's saying, "Yes, mother, I will sit still and take a good picture for you." My little angel...
Noah also enjoys bathtime, provided he's already had a bottle. In the above picture, he is giving us one of his great smiles--what doesn't show in the picture is that he has just peed in the bath water. My little angel...
Ever want to know the answer to the question, "how many fingers can an infant shove into his mouth at one time?" In this picture it was only three, but Mark swears he saw Noah get 6 or 7 fingers into his mouth at once. Noah does take a binky, but it's very clear that he also enjoys sucking on his fingers.
This is Noah's favorite sleeping pose, when he isn't swaddled. Arms up--I think this is a good sign that he may like football as much as I do. Caleb started off liking football but has now taken a keen interest in baseball, which is fine. I figure I should have at least one Husker fan in a house full of boys, though, shouldn't I?
Speaking of my boys, here's a really good picture of Caleb and Noah together. Other than the chocolate on Caleb's mouth...and the fingers in Noah's mouth. Oh well, this is about as good as it gets, with a 3 year old and an almost 3 month old--they are both looking at the camera. This picture was taken because Caleb asks to hold Noah about once a day; he also insists that he can lift Noah (we don't let him do that, of course). Caleb is definitely practicing to be a great daddy someday. See below...

Bathtime for babies! While Mark and I were bathing Noah, Caleb decided to give his baby a bath. Mark was especially amused at how Caleb picked up his baby--by the ankle! Thank goodness Caleb has 20+ years before he will need parenting skills. See you all next week!

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