Birthdays and a Baptism

Hi all! Well, in past weeks I promised to share pictures from Caleb's birthday party and from Noah's baptism. Here they are!
Caleb had a Thomas birthday, with a HUGE Thomas cake. It had a Thomas dvd inside the face, how cool is that?

Here's a picture of him opening a gift--this was a spiderman motorcycle, and all the boys were interested in it. They were all bummed when we said that Caleb couldn't take it out of the box until we got home. (We're not mean, it's just that there was some assembly required and we didn't want four boys fighting over the bike)

Caleb also had a blast at his cousin Brian's birthday party (which was at the same park as Calebs. It's a fun place!) At Brian's party, all the kids got to make party hats--here is Caleb wearing his.

In late June, Mark's aunt and uncle passed through Council Bluffs on their way to move two of their daughters to Missouri, and we were blessed to have breakfast with them. We got this great family picture of us at the restaurant (I would have posted the picture of ALL of us, but I didn't know how Mark's aunt and uncle might feel about being posted on the internet).

And in July, Noah was baptized! Here's the picture...the reason there are so many little heads in front of the camera is because in our church the pastor invites all the children forward to watch, in order to remember their baptisms.

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