Happy July!

Hi everyone! Wow, have we been busy! We celebrated the 4th of July a little over a week ago--here are some great pictures:
Noah in his 4th of July outfit

Uncle Mike and Caleb waiting to watch fireworks


Grandma Beth, Grandpa Hammi, and Uncle Mike came down to celebrate Grandma's birthday (she turned 39 again) and we got some great pictures of Caleb and Noah. Here is one with Grandpa:

And here is Caleb with his "gift", as he calls it (he got this toy from Grandma for going on the potty like a big boy for 2-3 days in a row):

Caleb's gift
Caleb was also very excited to play baseball with Grandma. He plays it more like golf in the house, which is fine with Mommy and Daddy. Baseball is Caleb's favorite sport right now. He has a bat and a ball at his house AND a set at Grandma Beth's house too. Playing at Grandma Beth's house is better though, because she has a baseball helmet that Caleb can wear (Uncle Mike was keen on baseball too, when he was 3, so there is a lot of old gear for Caleb to play with).

In other news, Caleb has taken an interest in how Noah gets food, and he decided the other day to nurse his baby, whose name is Deedra (Dierdre? Is that how you spell the real name?). Anyway, here is a picture. After he did this, he said, "Deedra's all done. Now I need to pump." Obviously Caleb has been paying close attention to Mommy's schedule. The doctor had me (Mommy) pumping and nursing and giving Noah a bottle for a while. As it turns out, Noah was having trouble with the nursing and it just got way too stressful and time consuming--things weren't going well, so we've switched to formula and both Noah and myself are feeling much better now.

Caleb nursing his baby
Caleb has also been getting into things whenever possible--but at least recently it hasn't been as destructive (we went through a phase about a month ago when we couldn't leave him alone for long, or there'd be lotion all over the bathroom counter...or toothpaste, or soap, etc.). Here he decided to climb into the empty laundry baskets.

Baby Noah has started doing tummy time, and usually he reacts about the same as any other baby. He'll lay there and lift his head for a few minutes but then get unhappy. The other day I had put him down for some tummy time and was doing something in the kitchen, and I noticed it had been a while and Noah wasn't crying yet. So I went to check on him and he was falling asleep while sucking on his hand! Perhaps he's going to be a tummy sleeper?

Noah sleeping through tummy time

And last but not least, here is our most recent picture of the boys.

Brothers! 6.5 week old Noah and 3 year old Caleb

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