Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I had a great trip up north to see my relatives--they all bought me very nice presents. The highlights of Christmas were Thomas toys, Bob the Builder pajamas, and Lightning McQueen stuff! I got three Lightning McQueen cars (all different sizes and various noise levels!) plus a Lightning McQueen bike helmet!
I also received Finding Nemo bedding! Mommy and Daddy were excited that maybe this would help me to sleep in my big boy bed. It worked so far! Last night I slept all night long in my big bed.I also received a toy kitchen for Christmas, which I have been thrilled to play with every day. I cook dinner and get water for Baby Dierdre. See how well I feed my baby? (Note from Mommy: It's a bit complicated to explain that babies don't drink water--but Caleb does understand that bottles don't get microwaved! Isn't it funny how kids pick up on some things and not others?).

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