Happy Holidays!

Well, it's December and I've got lots to share! We finally have had some substantial snow around here, but it's been so cold that Mommy and Daddy haven't been willing to take me out to make a snowman yet. However, I bundle up wherever I go and I ALWAYS step in the snow every chance I get!I also love to help Daddy shovel. Actually, as of last week I am the ONLY one in the house who will shovel snow, because Daddy got a snowblower! Mommy and Daddy decided that this year was the perfect year to get a snowblower because Mommy can't help shovel and it seems like this winter might be a long, snowy one. I'll post pictures of the snowblower next time, as Daddy has only used it once so far.
I've had some other big changes--Mommy and Daddy got a whole weekend to themselves recently (I went to Grandma and Grandpa Hammi's). So they got my new, big boy bedroom ready to go. It still needs paint and new bedding, but I have a big boy bed with a new mattress, and different dressers with mirrors on them! (I really like the mirrors) I'm still sleeping in my little bed for now (my choice) and I've been a little scared in my new room (change is hard). But I'm adjusting fairly well.
In other big boy news, I'm starting to work on learning to use a toilet. Mommy and Daddy have found that I'm much more willing to sit and go (you know, GO) on a potty chair than on the big toilet, so we're starting with that. Mommy predicts slow-going, but she's also hesitant to throw too many big transitions at me at one time. I have loads of big boy underpants, but we probably won't be using those quite as soon as Mommy hoped.
Despite all these big changes, I'm really doing well and I love the Christmas season! I get really excited about all the "Christmas houses" (houses with lights on them) and both Grandma Hammi and Mommy are baking yummy cookies lately! Speaking of cookies, here's me helping out with the baking (well, Grandma called and I wanted to talk to her so I am taking a short break here).
That's all for this week--next week Mommy, Daddy, and I will be celebrating Christmas so I expect to post some more pictures after that! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Caleb looks so grown-up in his snow clothes and boots! It isn't just a boy thing to step in snow whenever they can--both Brian and Jenna take every opportunity (and create their own opportunities) to step in the snow. Good luck potty training! I hope that Caleb figures it all out much more quickly than Brian did!