Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Okay, so it's really the day before Thanksgiving, but since we are going out of town, I figured I'd wish everyone in cyberspace a happy thanksgiving today. Mommy apologizes for not posting to my blog in the past month. Between Halloween, work, and Daddy's time away at musical practice, it's just been hectic.

But the good news is I have more than a few pictures to share! First off, here is me in my piraty gear, all decked out for Halloween. Arggghh!

Next, here are TWO pictures of my little brother or sister to be! Mommy had two different scans this month--one at 9 weeks to get an accurate due date (he or she is due May 29) and one because they couldn't find the heartbeat at 12 weeks with a doppler, so they wanted to make sure all was well. The baby is fine--he or she was waving arms throughout the scan, and the heartbeat is 165 bpm. Isn't it amazing how different the baby looks at 9 weeks and then at 12 weeks?

And now I want to show you the chocolate turkeys we made for Thanksgiving. I helped! Mommy said I did a very good job putting the candy corn on for the tails. These are for Thanksgiving tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa Hammi; we're going to make some more for Saturday, when we celebrate with my cousins.

Last, but certainly not least, it started SNOWING today! This is the first snow this fall, and I am very excited about it. I just couldn't wait to go out and shovel, despite the lack of accumulation. When I figured out there wasn't much to push around, I settled for riding my bike. We only stayed out for about 5 minutes though--it was so cold I didn't even protest when Mom said it was time to go inside. Brrrrr!

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