Thursday, October 25 2007; Guest Post from Mommy

Okay, Caleb graciously allowed me to post since I have something to say, and as a moody pregnant woman, I cannot help myself.


Now, I've seen lots of posts ranting and raving about the idiocy of the bumbo recall, and I've even sent a number of emails to good friends stating how idiotic the bumbo recall is. So I won't reiterate that here. Instead, I'd like to defend the bumbo against the various posts online that, in response to the bumbo recall, feel the need to elaborate how stupid these are and how even if they are not dangerous, they aren't necessary.

These posters are correct. The bumbo isn't necessary. It's an accessory, not a need. BUT...what some people need to realize is that some babies greatly disapprove of tummy time! They fight, they wriggle, and they all out cry when a parent puts them on the floor for some good old fashioned, developmentally-appropriate tummy time. And once they roll over, then tummy time is a thing of the past. And they still cry! Some babies (quite a few I've known) just don't like being on the floor; they want to see what is going on in the room!

And the bumbo is great for this. As a quasi-developmental expert (I DO have an M.A. in Cognition, Learning, and Development) and as a parent, I think the bumbo is a lot more developmentally appropriate than the standard bouncy seat. The bumbo doesn't support baby's neck and upper back, so the baby does get "exercise" using his neck muscles while sitting in the bumbo. That can't be said for any bouncy seats I know of.

My son and a few of my friends' kids have used my bumbo, all because it made them happier babies. They could see what was going on, and Mom could get a moment of sanity to check her email, read a magazine article, or just sit. I'm not advocating the bumbo be used as a babysitter, or that a parent should ever leave the room with the baby in the bumbo. But even though it isn't necessary, it's also not only used as a babysitter. Sometimes it just makes baby and mommy more happy. And that's a good thing, don't you think?


  1. Hey Kathie! This is Noelle. I created a blogspot because it's required for our class. We have random daily assignments/journals that our teachers checks. Just thought I'd let you know. Check it out of you ever feel the need to. I need to start reading your blog again! (But I wouldn't do that during class, because I'm a good kid.)

  2. Caleb loved his Bumbo! It definitely made him happy.

    I still wish they made adult-sized ones...