Happy New Year! I've got some pictures for you all to enjoy, and lots of news. First, I started my new school on January 2nd, and I love it! Every day mommy and daddy get my daily report, and it always says I've been happy and talkative (among other things).

I've been much more into climbing these days. Here I am climbing to reach the lightning in daddy's poster.
I always want to read books before bed. My favorite book, lately, is Little Gorilla. It's a great story about a little gorilla who gets big, but everyone still loves him! (Mommy note: very appropriate for a soon-to-be big brother.)
Of course, the best news is that mommy and daddy had another ultrasound of the baby. My little baby is healthy and happy. The baby jumped all over the place during the scan, and showed us the goods (ya know, the goods!) several times. There is no doubt that in May, I will have a new little brother!
See ya next week!

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