And it's 2010.

Whew! Another year gone, another holiday season over. We finally found the time yesterday to take down our tree and decorations (except for the outside lights...it's still too darn cold to do that).

I've got some pictures of the boys' Christmas. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of all the Christmases--the boys had several different parties and families they visited, but I currently only have pictures from my aunt's house.

First thing before opening presents, Noah wanted to organize them. In one ROW!

Caleb was very excited to get lots of Buzz Lightyear stuff this Christmas. He had never even seen Toy Story, but somehow knew who Buzz was and how cool he is. Sorry Woody!

The boys opened one present Christmas Eve morning, to spread out the chaos and minimize the waiting. Noah got the first of many doggy-themed items: a little dachshund, that wiggles and makes noise.

Caleb got many games for Christmas, which is great. UnoMoo was one of them!

And last but not least, here are the boys on Christmas Eve, all dressed up. Don't they look handsome? (Hey we have to dress them like this now--they'll never let us do it when they are older!)

Happy New Year!

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