Updates and SNOW!

Happy December to everyone! I thought I'd post an update to what the boys have been up to, since it's been a week or two since I last posted. You know the drill, it's the end of the semester for me which means papers and finals and lots of work!

Caleb has been having loads of fun in kindermusik. He has a fairly large class for his age, the largest he's been in as a preschooler, and I think he really likes not being the only boy in class anymore. This past week they had to make some sort of bird costume, and here is what we came up with:
Noah has been into EVERYTHING lately--he climbs onto chairs and stools and just generally wants to be doing whatever the rest of us are doing. I know, this is not surprising. So the other day when I was working on the computer with my headphones on, Noah desperately wanted to wear them. See?:
And today marks our first snow day of the year...it started snowing yesterday or the day before, and yesterday the university decided to close down at noon. So I picked up the kids and Mark a bit early and we had a relaxing afternoon together yesterday. The kids wanted to go play in the snow, of course. We let them even though I think it was a bit too cold with the windchill.

Today Mark had to go to work, but the boys and I are at home. Caleb declared it a pajama snow day, so we are all staying in our PJs. We have grand plans to do laundry, bake some cookies, and maybe get some ornaments on the tree. Hope you and yours are staying warm and safe! See you next week.

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