Wild Wednesday/Top Ten Thursday

In honor of it being November, I am going to make all the Wild Wednesdays this month be a "giving thanks" post, where I share something I am thankful for. Since I missed yesterday's post, I will combine my thankful post with Thursday's Top Ten, which will be the Top Ten Things I like about Being a Graduate Student.

So, first, I am very thankful for a professor who actually fosters a mastery atmosphere--I've gotten two papers back with lots of feedback, no grade. It seems he is not concerned with grades. I am thinking as long as I try hard, work hard, and participate, I should be good to go in that class. I am learning lots and having a good time (and no, he doesn't read this blog as far as I know, so I'm not brown-nosing).

And now my Top Ten. Here are the Top Ten Reasons I Like Being a Graduate Student:

1. I never ever have to take early morning classes.
2. Most of the classes I take are exactly what I'm interested in.
3. Even the math classes I take are tailored to my area of interest.
4. Almost every project is designed to help me with my dissertation.
5. Although I'm full time staff now, when I was part-time there was no better paying half-time job.
6. My boss is also my advisor, so I don't feel my loyalties are divided.
7. I get to go to a big conference (cough:party) every year, most of the time on a plane (I love to fly!!!).
8. Being in school keeps my brain from developing cobwebs.
9. I have access to research databases. So I don't have to trust journalists.
10. Someday my husband will call me Dr. Smith.

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