Family Friday/Story Saturday

I knew there was a reason I forgot to post Family Friday yesterday--because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have these great pictures to share! Today we met Caleb and Noah's cousins at the park to have a playdate and attempt to take a group picture. Yes, you heard correctly, I said "attempt". My boys were not cooperative this morning.

But we did have fun playing at the park.

Noah was very sad that I wouldn't let him take any pictures.

Caleb and Noah posed for a picture together, but later on I realized that it looks kinda bad to have a parking lot with cars in the background of a christmas card!

Caleb and Noah had fun together on the big swing while Brian pushed them! Caleb and Brian also went on the tire swing with Jenna, but since I was pushing them I couldn't take a picture.

And now for a Story Saturday--my recommendation today is that you run to your local library or bookstore and get Sink Reflections, by Marla Cilley (the Flylady). I'm only one chapter in (because she has forbidden me to read on until I have my sink shined, and I need to do that) but I think her tips on keeping a clean and organized house will really help me out. If you have trouble finding time to keep your house clutter free and ready for guests, then you need this book.

See you tomorrow for Savior Sunday!

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