Tot Talk Tuesday

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So Caleb was sick yesterday afternoon with a low-grade fever, and when he went down for nap, I told him sleeping could make him feel better. After he woke up from nap, Caleb came out into the living room and said, "My nap's over, Mommy, but I'm still just a little sick."

And then Noah, who's almost 17 months old...he doesn't say much--well, actually he says a whole lot of things but it sounds like gibberish to us--anyway, Noah will randomly insert exclamations into any conversation. Like, we'll be in the car and Mark, Caleb, and I will be talking. Noah will suddenly go "Yeah!" or "Nooo..." And sometimes it seems as if he's following along!

See you tomorrow for Wild Wednesday. I think it might be a rant about childbirth practices. So be prepared, tomorrow's post may not be for the faint at heart! (just kidding)

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  1. Thanks for joining in. I was a little lonely this week. hehe.

    Aw, I hope he feels better soon. I'm so up for reading a rant about birth policies.