Menu Plan Monday.

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This week we don't really need a menu plan since last week we ate out a bit too much and had some unexpected events derail our plan.

So instead of a menu, I'll share my process for menu planning. I love the Simple and Delicious magazine that Taste of Home puts out, and my subscription gives me access to all my recipes online! So when I start to menu plan, I go online to www.tasteofhome.com and sift through my recipe box there. Typically I try to only do each kind of meat once a week, and since we aren't big meat eaters at our house, I usually have a fair amount of vegetarian recipes.

Once I've picked out the recipes that sound good (or are cheap, depending on whether it's the beginning or the end of the month) I try to choose where in the week I will cook them, based on our plans for the week. For example, we always have Kindermusik on Monday nights, and I have class on Tuesday nights. So Monday night has to be a fast recipe, and Tuesday night has to be either leftovers or something really easy for Mark to cook.

Once I've planned all that, I see what is left in my week--where there are gaps. Those gaps I fill with either leftovers, sometimes a planned eat out night, or I'll start brainstorming easy, family favorites (like grilled cheese and tomato soup).

That's it! One more thing--Mark doesn't like sandwiches for lunch, so I have to always plan extras so he can have leftovers to take to work the next day. Having sandwiches for lunch would sure make things easier, but I thought that was useful information in case anyone looking at my menus doesn't get why I make so MUCH food. I don't think I posted the serving sizes last week, but I intend to starting next week.

See you tomorrow for a Tot Talk!

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