Tot Talk Tuesday

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Man, Caleb has been talkative this past week! I cannot even remember all of the funny things he's said. But here is what I can remember:

Caleb helped me make cinnamon chip scones last Saturday. (I needed to test the recipe for an upcoming scrapbooking weekend where I will be making them for 20 or so women!) But he kept called the scones "cones". E.g. "Mommy, when we're done eating our cones..."

So for those of you who live in Nebraska, I hope you noticed that it snowed last weekend. As I was waking up on Saturday morning, Caleb greeted me with "Mommy, it SNOWED outside...that means it's time for Christmas!"

And in other news, I started drinking a morning coffee again last week (a habit I had given up years ago). Caleb likes to help me make the coffee on the weekends (Grandpa Hammie has taught him all about making coffee). As we were waiting for the espresso to brew, Caleb turns to me and says, "After it's done, you can drink your coffee so you don't get a cough!"

Last but not least, (and certainly the one that Caleb will hate me for when he's older)...last night in the car on the way home from school/work, Caleb kept saying "poopy" for no reason--just to be silly. So I told him what his teachers have told him at school--that poopy is a bathroom word and you have to be in the bathroom if you are going to use bathroom words. End of story right? Not exactly. So we get home, and Caleb needs to use the bathroom--so he goes in there as I am heading downstairs to check my email. And what I hear from the bathroom is "Poopy! Poopy! Potty! POTTY! Potty!" Obviously he remembered the conversation in the car, and was using his bathroom time wisely. Or he is just discovering how to be a smart a**.

See you tomorrow for Wild Wednesdays--when I post whatever I feel like. I'm thinking recipes, tomorrow. Someone requested my Refried Bean Soup recipe, and I made a Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe last night that is now a family favorite. BOTH boys asked for seconds, and Noah asked for thirds! Even Mark and I liked it. That's unprecedented. So I thought I'd share.


  1. Caleb sounds like such a cutie! He is going to be great fun over the years with his observations and humor! Cute post.

  2. Refried bean soup sounds scrummy.

    I love all of these. These are great! Zoe thought it as Christmas time too with the snow. Coffee so you don't get a cough is awesome. hehe. And yelling as many potty words in the bathroom as possible hehe. I'm cracking up here.